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How we evaluate

Every student has three unique behavioural targets. These targets are decided by the classroom teachers after observing the student in the school for a few weeks. The frequency, intensity, and duration of these behaviours are scored at the end of each day by all staff. This enables us to easily track progress (positive or negative) over time. This information is useful at Learning Support Meetings with home schools and parents. The data is entered into a spread sheet and displayed in graph form. As a school we tested various departmental programs but found these programs to be too ambiguous for our very specific needs and so we made our own. The spread sheet also houses notes on incidents and communication with parents and other agencies. This data collection forms part of their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Towards the end of the program students are supported by WLC staff in their home schools and this allows us to maintain a close relationship with both students and home schools in order to track student progress over a number of years after the students have finished at WLC.