Woodberry Learning Centre

Sense of self, sense of direction

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Woodberry Learning Centre is a NSW DoE school for special purposes. It is operated as a program to assist students with challenging behaviours to learn more appropriate, effective and successful ways to meet their needs in their mainstream settings.

Students with challenging behaviours will have been through a series of interventions by their home schools before a decision may be made to place them into an alternative setting. An application for placement will be made in consultation with a learning support team and this application will go before a departmental placement panel.

Successful applicants will be informed of the prospective placement and an interview will be arranged for the student and their parents/carers and sometimes other support people. If all parties agree that placement at Woodberry Learning Centre is going to be a positive move for the student they will begin a forty week (4 term) program at WLC as a shared enrolment with their home school. The student will then return to their school or move into high school in the case of year 6 students.